Complaints Procedure - Gold Zebra

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ISSUE: 002
DATE: 19/07/2021




1.0 Complaints
All members of staff are responsible for making sure that any complaints received
are brought to the attention of the Quality Manager in a timely fashion.
Any complaints received will be logged within the complaints folder Complaints on
the Complaints Log. All complaints received and actions taken including final
resolution will be recorded on the Complaints Log which will be reviewed at the
Management Review Meetings.

It is the responsibility of the Quality Manager to, where possible satisfactorily resolve any complaints received. Where this cannot be achieved the complaint MUST be passed to a Director. If they are unable to resolve the complaint it will be passed to an external organisation /registration body we are affiliated with for resolution, if appropriate.

  • If a customer wants to lodge a formal complaint against the Company, then
    the customer will be asked to put their complaint in writing. A Customer
    Complaint Form (CCF0001) located within the Complaints file will be sent out
    to the customer to complete and return.
  • Any complaint will be acknowledged within seven working days, with an explanation that a full response will be sent to them within 20 days from
    receipt of the complaint.
  • Once the written complaint is received by the Company, then this complaint
    will be logged in accordance with Complaints Log (CL001) located within the
    Complaints file.
  • The Customer Complaint Form is then passed to the appropriate person to
    look into the matter.
  • The Company will look into the complaint and complete Complaint Resolution
    Form (CRF0001) with a copy to be placed in Complaints File.
  • The Company will send a written response to the customer within 20 days
    from receipt of the written complaint.
  • All complaints received and actions taken including the final resolution will be
    reviewed at the Management Review Meetings.

All complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the Complaint’s Procedure.

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