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Alternatively, request a callback, and an experienced planning advisor will be in touch. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We endeavour to provide invaluable advice, helping you to make an informed choice, finding the right plan for you.

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Yes, you can name a preferred Funeral Director when completing our application form, we have included a separate section for this very purpose. However, we cannot guarantee that the Funeral Director will still be in business when a person dies or that the funeral company has not been sold to another Funeral Director. If this occurs, we will allocate the funeral plan to another agreed Funeral Director. Likewise, we do not pass any money to any Funeral Director until such time as the funeral is being arranged and all money paid firstly goes into the Trust until needed. Should the nominated Funeral Director be unable or unwilling to take on your funeral, then we have a network of Funeral Directors around the UK that we would contact to arrange your funeral. 

We do not cover the cost of repatriation back to the UK and this is not included in any of our plans. When travelling abroad, most people have travel insurance in place, which normally covers this cost. We would ask you to check this when purchasing travel insurance. However, included within each plan is the cost of collecting a deceased within a radius of 40 miles from the funeral home. Should the airport exceed this radius, a further charge may be applied at the discretion of the Funeral Director.

Not a problem, just inform us of your change of requirements and we will update our system. There is no charge for this unless you are upgrading your plan. If you move to another part of the UK, you will need to provide us with your new address. However, please note that if you have nominated a preferred Funeral Director and they are now a distance away, we may need to appoint an alternative Funeral Director close to your new home.

Yes, you may transfer the value of your plan to another person if you so wish. We will require confirmation of this instruction in writing. This will, however, leave you without a funeral plan for yourself.

If you have a query about an existing plan or you need to activate a plan after someone has passed away, you can call the Customer Service Team for FREE on 03000 204746 and they will be happy to help you, whatever your query may be.

Your plan will remain in place even if you move home. A new Nominated Funeral Director will be appointed if appropriate. If you wish to remain with the same Nominated Funeral Director, you can do so, but there will be an additional excess mileage fee should the radius exceed 40 miles. 

It takes just one telephone call from your executor or nominated funeral organiser to set your Gold Zebra Funeral Plan into action. Everything they need to know can be found in the funeral organiser pack provided when you take out the plan. We will support them through every step.

Acceptance is guaranteed.  There are no upper age limits and no health or medical questions.

A Funeral Plan is a way to prepay funeral costs in advance. It also allows you to help protect your family from the worry and stress of making all the arrangements. 

Taking out a Prepaid Funeral Plan allows you to make important decisions about what you and your family want from the funeral. Once paid, we will not request a penny more for the services included in your plan, so you’ll have complete peace of mind, knowing you are financially prepared.

Taking out a Funeral Plan will also help save your loved ones the worry and stress of making all the funeral arrangements at such an emotional time, because they will already know what you wanted and a trusted Nominated Funeral Director will be there to guide and support them every step of the way.

Savings and life insurance don’t guarantee to cover your funeral costs, whereas a Prepaid Funeral Plan does. Also, with funeral expenses rising year on year, you may find that savings and life insurance aren’t enough to cover the cost of your funeral. In addition, banks and over 50s life insurance providers will not provide guidance or assistance or arrange your funeral, but Gold Zebra’s Funeral Plan experts will. 

If you take out a Prepaid Funeral Plan from Gold Zebra, you can freeze funeral costs at today’s prices, so no matter how much they rise, the cost of the cremation funeral services included in your plan will be guaranteed, meaning that loved ones are less likely to have to use any savings or inheritance you may have left them. What’s more, the funeral will be planned and paid for, so your loved ones won’t have the added stress of making all of the arrangements at a difficult and emotional time.

It’s also worth noting that for inheritance tax planning purposes, a Funeral Plan sits outside the estate.

No, you’re guaranteed to be accepted for a Prepaid Funeral Plan from Gold Zebra.

Yes, all Prepaid Funeral Plans from Gold Zebra are available for burials as well as cremations. However, we are unable to secure and guarantee the cost of the burials due to plots varying from region to region.

When you choose a burial funeral plan, the benefits are guaranteed. However, burial costs and other third-party costs will continue to rise year on year in line with RPI inflation.


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