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Ways to Save For a Funeral

Many people agree that taking care of funeral costs in advance is a good thing to do. However, with so many ways of putting money aside for the future, why should you choose a Prepaid Funeral Plan from Gold Zebra?

You might be relying on money in savings or thinking about taking out a life insurance policy, but neither of these options guarantee to provide funeral insurance in the future.

Funeral Insurance vs Funeral Plans

Low-interest rates and changes to inflation mean that when the time comes, the cost of the funeral may exceed the amount you’re covered for, whereas a Gold Zebra Prepaid Funeral Plan guarantees to cover the cost of all the funeral services included in your plan, whenever it is needed.

When my Mum passed away, not only did we not have the financial burden of a funeral, we had the support of a very caring funeral service who organised everything for us.

– Mrs Close, Liverpool

What’s more? These other ways to take care of funeral costs don’t include help with the funeral arrangements, so your family would still have to do that themselves.

The table below shows the pros and cons of a funeral plan, compared to other types of funeral insurance, such as an insurance policy or savings.

Things to ConsiderPrepaid Funeral PlanInsurance PolicySavings
Does it protect against rising funeral costs?YesNoNo
Is it unaffected by changing inflation and low interest rates?YesNoNo
Does it help loved ones with funeral arrangements at the time?YesNoNo
Does it include the services of a trusted and professional Funeral Director?YesNoNo
Does it offer the option to pay in monthly instalments?YesYesYes
Can the plan be cashed in at any time?YesNoYes

With a Gold Zebra Prepaid Funeral Plan, your family will receive the support and guidance with the arrangements from one of our professional and compassionate nominated Funeral Directors.

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