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Why a Funeral Plan?

Why Should You Consider A Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Fix your costs

Prevent funeral inflation

Prevents family disagreements

Prevent Funeral Directors exploiting your loved ones' vulnerability and over charging

Protected investment with monies being paid directly into a ring-fenced trust account

Protect loved ones from the worry of the organisation and cost of arranging your funeral

The cost of a funeral plan does not form part of your estate, therefore does not attract tax, whereas any savings you have to pay for your arrangements will

Fixed at today's prices

Taking out a funeral plan with Gold Zebra covers you against the rapidly rising costs of funerals, protecting your loved ones from any potential debt.​

Fulfil your wishes

A prepaid funeral plan allows you to make all of your arrangements in advance, enabling you to live happily, with the reassurance that when the time comes, everything will be handled as you wish.

Covering all aspects

You're in safe hands, that's our promise to you. Our prepaid plans cover all elements of your Funeral Director services. Whilst also allowing you the flexibility to create a truly personal plan. ​

Financial security

Regardless of the plan you choose, your money is safe and secure, held in a trust fund audited regularly, ensuring ongoing compliance whilst giving you full transparency and peace of mind.

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Did you know?

1 %
Since 2004, the average cost of a funeral has increased by 122.5%

Source: Cost of dying report 2018

1 %
69% of people had to pay towards or all of their loved one’s funeral

Source: Cost of dying report 2020

An overview of the costs of a funeral

Funeral costs in the UK have doubled in the last 10 years. Money we place in savings today may not be sufficient with funeral costs rising year on year. This is where a funeral plan can be the solution.

A funeral plan secures the cost of your funeral, regardless of the date you pass away.

The costs of funeral direction and other associated costs are locked at today’s prices, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your plans and wishes are cared for ahead of time, leaving peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

Differences of a funeral plan vs other methods

Considerations for Choosing a Funeral PlanFuneral PlanLife PolicySavings
Can your loved ones get access to funds quickly following death?

Paid to the FD

Does it include the services of a trusted, knowledgeable Funeral Director who can take care of not only the funeral arrangements but give guidance on all paperwork etc required?✔xx
Can you pre-specify your wishes to the provider?✔xx
Does it protect against the ever-rising costs of funerals?✔xx
Can you pay in affordable monthly payments?✔✔✔
Protect loved ones emotional vulnerability being exploited✔xx
Guaranteed acceptance without health questionnaires✔x✔

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